Stop second-guessing your messaging...

And ask yourself, are you recieving the right kind of inquiries?

“At least I have a website”

"I guess it's good enough..."

“Is writing this other stuff reallyyyy worth my time?”

An edit here, a tweak there- a google doc filled with words collecting dust. 

Your website words are "alright"...but it's just not "it" yet. The thoughts keep rolling around your head:

 You know those pesky items on your to-do list that's never quite finished?

Well, let's think about it for a moment...

Next they make their way to your website, they want to learn about you, your process, and how your offer fits into their story.

What they may not even realize they are looking for is a space that establishes trust, comfort, and excitement! Something that checks all the boxes ya know?

 A potential client stumbles onto your Instagram and they like what they see...

Visuals? Check!


Your website must be an experience unto itself- Your website copy will serve as the guide.

(And I'm talking Gandalf-level kinda guide aka: epic)

People don't buy goods and services, they buy into image they want to portray, and a better version of themselves.

The right messaging for your brand can be the difference between booked or clicked past.


The website copy collection

A classic package including full website copy and fine tuned brand messaging in 3 weeks. This 1-1, done-for-you service allows you to confidently share your craft and earn a living creating.

The ams process: How it works

We'll shape your brand's story, together!

I've got a soft spot for all things magic...and let me tell you, the magic happens when the writing of your site begins! Your newly polished brand messaging will be intertwined with SEO and conversion focused copy (and of course a dash of story) to lead visitors through your sales experience. Seamlessly might I add! We’ll go through two revision sessions to ensure each page is juuust right.

A thorough investigation of your brand's current positioning (how and where you're being heard) , goals, and opportunities in the market. We'll turn over every rock and pebble to clarify your offer and collect *voice-of-client* data to mold the copy coming over the horizon. This phase will also be the foundation for creating an unforgettable customer or client experience

You know that blissful, goose-bump-inducing feeling good music gives you? friends is the same feeling your ideal client should get exploring your site. So yes.. I really do mean compose.. your messaging tells your story and will be the heart of all copy for your business. You'll receive the Brand Messaging Index; a PDF to house your key statements and define your brand language.

Chapter 3: Word Crafting

Chapter 2: Message Composing

Chapter 1: Brand Exploration

Here's What You'll recieve:

-1 hr kickoff call
-Thorough brand and target market research
-The Brand Messaging Index (a PDF document containing ALL of your essential brand messaging items)
-AMS Story Shelf Trello template
-Editable Voice of Customer spreadsheet
-Website wireframe consult
-Unlimited email support
-6 pages of sustainable website copy with 2 rounds of revisions

*additional pages available upon request.*

When we close the book...

Frequently asked questions


the investment

Imagine, closing down your computer for the night your client and project calendar booked, and your creative tank is filled to the brim.

I'm talking about a good ole' "Bon voyage" to days of envious Pinterest scrolling and Instagram idolizing.

Your website, your words, your brand
Doesn't just stack up to the rest…

Investment starting at: $2,500
with payment plans.


Frequently asked qestions

Let's make it happen more often.

You know that fluttering in your chest feeling when you receive a new inquiry?

It stands out.

More questions? Send me a note

Of course your business and offers will grow over time! The really great thing about effective messaging is it gives your brand room to evolve (without changing those core elements). Unless you’re undergoing a complete re-brand, that Messaging Index will be good to go!

As far as updating your website to reflect your new products or services, I offer exclusive hourly maintenance rates for all of my clients. You’ll receive a custom quote for your website copy update, just ask!

Imagine you go to the bookstore and find a cover that really catches your eye...You open it up to see that it's filled with pictures with captions that illustrate the story. On the back is a note about the author, a brief synopsis, and the price tag.

But there's no..meat to it. No “wow factor”, nothing that really pulls you into the story. (Exactly why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover).

Your website copy is more than a few words that describe images. It is a tool that leads your audience right where you want them to. It guides them to solutions for their problems and makes them feel heard. No matter how beautiful your work or your web design may be...your copy tells the story.

Yes! While a 40% deposit is due up front the remaining amount can be split up into two installments.

What if my offers change down the road?

How necessary is website copywriting and why should I invest?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Wouldn’t have it any other way! Copy and design work together to create a memorable and valuable experience for your audience. Part of our process together will be wireframing (laying out how the copy will fit with the design) and it would be wonderful to have this meeting all together!

Will you work with my designer?

I would be honored to help you set up your first website but I always recommend DIY-ing some of the copy the first time around! Why? You’ll figure out fast that as a business owner, there's a LOT of writing that needs to be done besides your website. Since it wouldn’t be cost effective for you to hire someone like me every time, it could be beneficial to get some practice under your belt. You can check out some copywriting tutorials on the blog and on my Instagram to get started!

I’m just starting my business, can we still work together?

“You nailed it! I never even thought about including this in my services copy, it’s so much clearer now. I’m so happy with what you came up with.”
-Ashleigh Chanel | Make Your Mark Consulting

"Working with Shayla has been a dream from start to finish. As someone who has worked with many freelance copywriters, Shayla’s efficiency, attention to detail, and level of creativity never cease to impress. I highly recommend Shayla to any brand or business owner looking to tell their story in a way that deeply resonates with the target audience."
-Hailey Lucas

“Shayla, I LOVE IT! Thank you SO much for listening to all of my feedback. I am so excited about this, it sounds wonderful!”
-Jessica Kircher | Luhv’lee Design Company

"Thank you so much for all of your help! This is TIGHT. You’re damn good at this."
-Leanne Peacey | Chi Studios

“I loveee the copy. Everything looks amazing and I can't wait to put it up on the website!”
-Ronke Bade | The Pink Creative

This is exactly right for you if...

-You're endlessly searching for clients that value you and your artform over a price tag.

-You're looking to make a real living from your creative craft.

-You've got unbelievably amazing gifts to share- just caught a chronic case of tongue-tied-ness.

-You want to see that inbox full of eager-clients-to-be.

-Your clock seems to move faster and faster everyday and have no idea when you'll get around to sprucing up your copy.

-You'd love to experience more of those "is this real life?" moments.

Are we on the same page? 

Latest team-up's have included: Make Your Mark Consulting, Elle Ellinghaus, Hailey Lucas, The Pink Creative, & more

I've got a digital version of my oh-so fancy feathered quill pen at the ready.


I'm Ready!

Let's get geared up to tell your story, to make big moves for your business, and start your website copy adventure.

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