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The digital method is probably best (*sigh*)

If you're here to...

1. Inquire about working together

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2. Discuss speaking engagements and collaborations

What are you waiting for?? Let's get this adventure started! Bring your ideas, your questions, your favorite drink, and we'll talk details a complimentary Discovery Call!  (Cause we're all experts at video chatting now, right?)

How fun! I'd love to hear more about your podcast, conference, or event, and how we might be of service to each other. (Thanks for thinking of me! :) )

Wanna talk about our mutual love of the magic of nature? How about historical fiction, stories, or creative pastimes. (Of course I'm also partial to all things LOTR, Marvel, and POTC). Got another idea? I'm all ears!

I'm so excited to connect

And you're probably just as eager to hear back!

While I think good old fashioned mail is an underrated artform..email certainly speeds up the process.

Life can get a little crazy around these parts but taking care of my clients and friends are a top priority,

You can expect a response to your message within 24 hrs.

A quick note:

Launch copy projects should be booked a minimum of three months ahead of your desired launch date.

Please fill out the form below and we'll start bringing your next big business chapter to life.

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