Cliche won't cut it.

And second set of hands on deck to ensure success on your journey ahead.

First, you'll have to plan the voyage and be brave enough to set sail:

You'll face the ups and downs like crashing tides- the wins and challenges alike.

You'll have to speak loud and clear for your voice to be heard above the noise.

You’ll need to multitask while keeping a close look at your end goal (a weather eye on the horizon as Captain Jack Sparrow would say!)

 Navigating a launch is akin to captaining a ship at sea,

 Even the most seasoned sailor has to ride out the waves.

 Now imagine if you had a compass that not only kept you on course, but led you through the smoothest path and took you to a finer destination than you ever thought possible.

This is what launch copy and strategy can do for you.


The Launch copy Collection

The signature 4 week experience that chronicles your core offer through sustainable sales strategy, targeted messaging, and custom copywriting. Key marketing materials are written for you so you can focus on development.

The ams process: How it works

Your story in the making.

Once the materials are polished and the copy is in your hands, we'll set the marketing campaign we created together in motion. You'll have support through each period of your live launch.

A successful end starts with a sound beginning. Before a single word of launch copy is written we will plot milestones, sales goals, and chunk the launch of your product or service up into actionable phases.

We'll take turns steering the ship so to speak with drafting and editing all of your launch copy. Carefully crafted landing pages, email sequences, ads, and more will make for smooth sailing .

Chapter 3: Steady She Goes

Chapter 2: Weigh Anchor

Chapter 1: Charting Your Course

Allow me to co-captain

During our time together, you'll recieve:

Land ho'

I'm a "put it in writing" kinda person (shocker, I know!) You will receive a filled-in calendar that marks all key dates for releasing your content and launch copy. A way to stay organized and keep the excitement going!

You'll have the opportunity to review each piece of copy as it comes along and discuss the progress. More importantly, you will be able to focus on creating content and developing materials for the offer itself.

A helping hand at every step of the way. Not only will we work through the copy but I will help you set up and navigate a comprehensive marketing plan for your launch. Two is better than one (I promise!)

Step by step editorial calendar

Content creation guidance

Voice of customer data

A launch partner

Done-for you launch copy

During our consultations we will discuss the types of content that would be most beneficial for your unique launch. You will have guidance on topic and format as well as a chance for me to review what you have created.

The data collected during our research phase (client quotes, frustrations, wants, questions and more) will be placed in editable documents. This will be an invaluable resource for you now and down the road.

We artists know what it’s like to put ourselves out there, to share with the world what our creative hearts have conjured up.

It's exhilarating and downright terrifying.

You're preparing for launch, but the thought of beginning this involved process is shadowing the excitement:

Target an audience, create content, plan emails , write (a lot)... and time everything just right.

Or you could...

What's the investment?

You could wait and hope for sales to rush in.

Hand over the marketing-heavy tasks to a strategist who has spent the last 3 years navigating the open water's you're heading into.

Someone who is versed in user experience, buying behaviors ,and the art of word witchery (a perfect brew of storytelling and science).

Frequently asked questions


- 1 hr strategy call and a dive into the heart of your offer details and brand voice

-Voice-of-customer and data driven research

-Content Creation checklist

-30 min content review

-AMS Story Shelf Trello Template

-Step by step launch timeline

-90 day content marketing map to prime your audience for launch

-A long form sales page (2,000 words+)

-10-part email marketing sequence

-Ad copy for two ad’s

-2 rounds of revisions
(Additional copywriting available upon request).

Investment starting at: $2,900
with payment plans.


Frequently asked qestions

Here's what you'll recieve:

More questions? Send me a note

It can be a little nerve wracking handing off such a big task to someone else. Why not do it yourself and save the extra money? You absolutely could! But let me ask you, how much time do you really have to finish everything that needs to be in tip-top shape for this launch?

Between finishing the development of the offer itself, creating content, working with regularly scheduled clients...and taking care of things at home.. It might be longer than you’d like to actually launch your offer.

With this package you can take a GIANT item off of your to-do list and know that one of the most important pieces (your sales messaging) is receiving it's own undivided attention. Is a larger investment up front worth the chance at *exceeding* your sales goals in the end? You tell me!

Yes! While a 40% deposit is due up front the remaining amount can be split up into two installments.

I’m concerned about the investment, is this really right for me?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you will need to have a solid idea for your offer fleshed out already so we can really dig into the target audience, value proposition, and marketing plan (don’t sweat it if the offer is still in the development stages! As long as the central purpose is set in stone we’ll be good to go).

If you aren’t quite settled on an idea for your offer or want to get a second opinion you can book a consulting session with me and we’ll sort out specifics! Savvy?

Do I need an offer already?

Great question! A launch is the promotion of a product or service. Everything from the build up, big reveal, and the wind down.

 Myth: “a launch is always for a *new* offer.” Definitely not the case! While many launches focus on a new offer such as: a course, mastermind program, product line, art collection, membership site, a new website etc. many launches happen for the same offer annually or semi-annually.

What can you help me launch?

"Working with Shayla has been a dream from start to finish. As someone who has worked with many freelance copywriters, Shayla’s efficiency, attention to detail, and level of creativity never cease to impress. I highly recommend Shayla to any brand or business owner looking to tell their story in a way that deeply resonates with the target audience."
-Hailey Lucas

“Shayla, I LOVE IT! Thank you SO much for listening to all of my feedback. I am so excited about this, it sounds wonderful!”
-Jessica Kircher | Luhv’lee Design Company

“You nailed it! I never even thought about including this in my services copy, it’s so much clearer now. I’m so happy with what you came up with.”
-Ashleigh Chanel | Make Your Mark Consulting

"Thank you so much for all of your help! This is TIGHT. You’re damn good at this."
-Leanne Peacey | Chi Studios

“I loveee the copy. Everything looks amazing and I can't wait to put it up on the website!”
-Ronke Bade | The Pink Creative

When your launch is finished,

 Launch copy is whole lot more than witty words strung together- it's where tried and true formulas meet primed audiences and a brand's creative flare.

imagine if you could say...

-I had time to complete each task without feeling rushed.

-I felt productive and accomplished each day.

-I was confident in my offer and my audience's reaction.

-I had support and every turn.

-I reached my goals and actually had fun along the way.

-I have begun a brand new chapter in my business and I cannot wait to watch it unfold.

 A little insight...

Tested and targeted sales pages can increase conversions by 300%

In simpler terms, a thoroughly researched and carefully assembled launch will allow you to reach your goals and THEN some.

Like the sound of those odds?

Should we set sail together?

-You already have a solid offer and need a sidekick to help plan the execution.

-Whether you have launched before or this is your first time around, you need help organizing the tasks ahead.

-You're caught up on writing the *right* words that inspire action AND sound like you.

-You've been tempted to swipe copy from industry idols but know you want effective and unique copy.

-You're overjoyed to finally launch your offer but are equally overwhelmed by the idea (analysis-paralysis at it's finest).

This partnership is the best match if...

Sound about right?

Latest team-up's have included: Make Your Mark Consulting,
Elle Ellinghaus, Hailey Lucas, The Pink Creative, & more

You pack, and i'll prepare the ship.

Metaphorically speaking....


Let's launch your offer to the audience that's eagerly waiting out there.

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