Content. Content. Oh, and more content.

 Important? Yuuup.  Exausting to create? You bet.

It's pretty hard to escape the whole "content is king" catch phrase (It's okay, you can roll your eyes!) In the digital sphere, it's king alright.

As a creative business owner...

But how does it rule?

Raise your hand if you've fallen into the oh so sticky trap of "I'll just write a quick caption when I *feel* like posting." (guilty!)

After a while, we're just posting content for the sake of posting, there's no real plan to it- it's simply what we're 'supposed to do."

Now that's the real question.

Algorithms order's and all.

It can take a few hours write the copy, curate the images, film the Reels (cause that's the next big thing!) design the graphics -and those are hours you're probably reluctant to give up when the result is hit or miss. 

 A real king (ahem...or queen) rules with strategy. 

Pssst...planning and strategy got Sam and Frodo though their quest to Mordor and won the savvy *captain* Jack Sparrow back his precious Black Pearl.  

Strategy will guide you to success too.

"Content built with strategy builds relationships-relationships build trust- trust leads to revenue."

- Andrew Davis

 Growing a *profitable* business is the goal of content creation after all.


The content planning intensive

 A one week, 1-1 consulting program to develop a repeatable content marketing strategy. 

It's time to plan story- driven content that converts and ends the overwhelm. 

Having a plan of what to post is not the same as knowing WHY you're posting.
The content for your business must contribute to specific goals.

So let's map it out!

How it works

Our week together, at a glance!

During our last session we will create and action plan for developing and scheduling the major content pieces we have planned.

Creation of strategic marketing campaigns based on your goals and offers for the next four quarters (yup, a whole year!) and a zeroed in look at the next 90 days.

We'll strategize the types of content that will resonate with your audience and construct a sales funnel that converts clicks to clients. Aka...lead your raving fans to that big “yes!!”

Brush off the idea that talking about money is awkward (you deserve to be paid for your expertise) ! We'll look at sales goals and use it as a compass to guide the content planning process.

Opening up the pages on your brand identity, messaging and current content strategy, as well as time for clear goal setting. goal setting (yup, we're going there next).

Day 5: Scheduling

Day 4: Campaign Development

Day 3: Content Funnel

Day 2: Finance Focused

Day 1: Kick off

Turning content creation from a constant uphill battle...

to alternating periods of serving, promotion, and rest.

Frequently asked questions


What You'll recieve:

-1-1 coaching
-5 strategy calls over the week
-Target market analysis
-Content marketing sales funnel
-Brand and Financial goal setting
-4 campaigns (1 per quarter) mapped out
-Monthly marketing calendar template
-Caption writing prompt list
-AMS story shelf Trello template
-Actionable timetable for creating + scheduling content

Investment: $975


Frequently asked qestions

More questions? Send me a note

A marketing campaign is a fancy word for a promotional period! For each quarter of the year we will choose one of your products or services to heavily promote. The content plan will be used get your audience hyped up about your offer (even if they already know about it).

Can you explain the AMS Story Shelf?

Effective content weaves in story and guess what...those stories that are relevant to your brand aren't as hard to find as you might think. Stories exist in our daily conversations, trips to the store, nights out, and even scrolling through social media. We have epiphanies, wins, fails, funny moments and more that can be used to create juicy content. The Story Shelf is a space for you to store and organize these stories for later use.

What is a marketing campaign?

This is an immersive experience where we will meet for 1-2 hours a day for 5 days out of the week (best to book far enough in advance to open up your schedule as much as possible!) Good news, they don’t all have to be back to back days..if Wednesday doesn’t work for you we can move a coaching call to Saturday instead.

Do I need to be available everyday of the week?

Well first let’s define content: it's anything created with the purpose to inform, entertain, or build awareness for an audience. Content *marketing* is this process of linking all of those pieces of content together so that they work towards a greater goal (aka: making sales!) It’s a little more than just posting on Instagram now and again ;)

What is content marketing?

One week to beat the burnout for good.

-You're current content marketing strategy isn't moving the needle in your business.

-You're looking for a guided approach to campiagn planning  and valuable content.

-You're drained from hustling in the content creation game (never-ending it seems).

-You *know* it's important but you just don't know where to start with content marketing.

This is for you if:

This might not be for you if:

-You're looking to hand off the task and have someone else create all of your content for you.

-You're looking for an in-depth program on photo styling or graphic design (I happen to know where you can find these though- just send me a note and we'll get you hooked up!)

-You're in need of a full time marketing manager (I would love to point you in the direction of some of my favorite VA's :)

Latest team-up's have included: Make Your Mark Consulting, Elle Ellinghaus, Hailey Lucas, The Pink Creative, & more

Are you ready to rule the content game with real strategy?

So tell me...

Hazah! Let's started!

(Ya the King or Queen you are).

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