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She asked me, “what exactly is the difference between brand voice and brand personality? I feel like there’s so many ‘Brand * fill in the blank*’ terms out there.” Keeping track of ALLLL the brand-isms is certainly no easy task. Especially because every marketer can have a slightly different take on the topics.  Simply put, […]

5 Steps artists can take to define their unique brand voice

Brand Strategy, Copywriting

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought- “I should try to be more witty with my brand strategy!” Somewhere along the line the notion that being a witty extrovert is the claim to fame as a business owner. IG Reels has certainty driven that home- shoutout to all you witty creatives rocking your reels- you […]

Understanding brand strategy and why it is important to your creative business

Brand Strategy

Understanding brand strategy and why it is so important to your creative business


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